Excerpt of Putting A Price on Social Video: First Edition

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Overview provided by Gareth Capon, Grabyo.

  • This report is a How-To guide that will improve the fan engagement & sponsorship value of your social video content. 
  • Designed to be an easy to understand approach to monetising the fan engagement you are already generating.
  • Our unique way of analysing the effectiveness of your content will improve your social video strategy & reporting.

The most comprehensive social video report ever undertaken, analysing 952 videos to reveal the creative trends driving football fan engagement.   


After purchasing this report, you will:

  1. Optimise your social video output with the knowledge of what content format works best, when and on which platforms

  2. Know how to share social video brand exposure success back to your sponsorship partners

  3. Understand which personnel are most popular in your social media community to improve your squad asset management

  4. Demonstrate the value of your social video content to new sponsorship prospects, increasing deal size and flow

  5. Use our actionable performance insights to improve your internal and external partnership content marketing reporting

Each Club Summary featured in the 2015/16 Premier League Season: A Social Video Audit Report reveals the following insights:

  • A month by month guide on when each short social video platform delivered the most engagement for your club during the 2015/16 campaign
  • A breakdown of the sponsorship exposure value for your club, based on the 20 (maximum) most liked Instagram, Twitter and Vine videos posted last season
  • Confirmation of which content types and personnel featured within your top performing videos and on which social media platform they appeared
  • A bespoke research summary that benchmarks your club against other clubs, draws conclusions on content and sponsorship exposure performance, as well as providing useful and actionable tips