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Michael Litman, CEO

Michael has been at the forefront of technology trends and insights since starting his first business within the video industry in 2002. Burst Insights is his fourth video related business. He rather likes all things video. 

He has worked leading digital creative advertising and PR agencies in the country including Dare, Poke, AnalogFolk and Splendid. Working primarily in social media and strategy he has in a former life been the voice of global brands, managed their communities and created the social posts seen by millions on a daily basis. 

Michael has always seen the world through a brand lens so it was no surprise that Burst Insights started out firstly as a brand and influencer video research tool. He wished that very thing existed when he was an agency strategist so went about taking it from a hobby project to raising investment, building a team and the product to fulfil his early visions. 

Being a Nottingham Forest supporter through the (mostly) bad times, it has been exciting to introduce Burst Insight's first intelligence report to the market, focusing on sports and in particular, Premier League football. Michael hopes that one day in the not too distant future, Forest will feature in an upcoming Premier League report! 

Michael's favourite athlete is… Lewis Hamilton because of his persistence, dedication, determination and focus. 

His biggest challenge is… to always be one step ahead of the industry whilst at the same time providing a product that is ready and useful for the here and now. 

His ultimate dream is… to take Forest back to their former glories.


Simon Bibby, Head of Research

Approaching 15 years of experience in strategic communication and content roles, Simon has developed a unique voice in the field of social video insight. Prior to co-founding Burst Insights, he held the position of Account Director for a sports and media specialist PR agency. An important part of his role was to write copy, create client white papers and produce digital trend presentations at an exciting time for social video, which was beginning to expand beyond YouTube.

Simon has always been a strong advocate of creative data intelligence, playing a key role in the product development of the Burst Insights Discovery Platform in the early days of the company. More recently, he has returned to his communication roots, in the Head of Research position at Burst Insights. Combining his business development and comm.'s experience, with his passion for sport and branded social video, he is leading the company vision of producing social video research that delivers a profound creative and commercial impact for clients.

Being a sports fanatic, analysing the effectiveness of social video posted by sports clubs is his passion as well as his profession. A long suffering Newcastle United fan, half of Simon's extended family live in California, which also shaped his expansive knowledge of American sports from a young age.

Simon's favourite athlete is… Kobe Bryant. Bryant's relentless drive to win and establish his own legacy was on another level to any professional sports person I have come across (Alan Shearer was a close second).

His biggest challenge is… redefining the sports sponsorship value of social video for sports clubs and helping them make it a creative and commercial reality for their brand partners.

His ultimate dream is… to co-own a small professional sports club. Using innovative technology to bring it closer to its community, improve performances on the pitch and achieve commercial success that disrupts traditional thinking.




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